Coating of tin roofs

In industrial areas, we deal with coating and spraying tin roofs and outer sheeting of halls. Further we coat and spray tin roofs on flats and private houses, hotels, public buildings etc. After 25 years of experience, we accomplished to coat several hundred thousand square meters of roofs.

We usually protect roofs and zinc or aluminium-coated sheetings against climatic influences, corrosion and oxidation. However, we occasionally deal with special and nonstandard requirements. For example, we have dealt with a task to lower surface temperature on a roof. We sprayed a special white paint on an almost new green colored roof with asphalt surface and ceramic coating, so that we lowered the temperature of the induced air into the hall during hot summer days. This meant an area of approx. 90 000 m2 with an extreme climate on the surface. We managed to lower the temperature by 27°C in average.

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Before the actual coating of a roof, we usually prepare the surface by high-pressure waterblasting. Most frequently this means high-pressure waterblasting of the tin surface by pressure of 500BAR with special highly effective rotating nozzles. This way we remove old inco-hesive coating compositions in damaged locations. This way we also smooth down solvent corrosion in damaged locations. For simple cleaning of surfaces from dirt we use machinery with pressure of 300BAR, which include cleansing chemicals. In need of big cleansing requirements, we use extreme high-pressure waterblasting by pressure of 1000BAR.

We use branded and well-proven paint and coating systems. Most often these are binary epoxy and polyurethane paints in various modifications (according to needed protection against corrosion and local influences). Upper protective coating is naturally mixed in many RAL shades so that it meets its design purpose as well.

We do all work according to all safety standars. Our company is insured against damages caused to the second person and other subjects. All our employees are properly trained in labour safety, handling operating platforms and working in heights.

We acces heights with our special working platforms. We can also use climbing equipment and special ladders. Our platforms have extreme wall-to-wall and height ranges and extremely small transit parameters. We always utilize our long-term experience in choosing the right parameters of our machinery. That way we not only manage to easily move in narrow spaces of factory buildings, but also in terrain surrounding houses and other premises. For example, the NR 22 platform is able to pass through 80cm high doors and then work in 22m high with wall to wall range of 11,3 meters in every direction!

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