We perform painting and whitewashing of walls, ceilings, girders and other construction elements in halls and at heights. We perform these paintings, whitewashings and coatings in various productions, storage, industrial and commercial halls, factories, sites and hypermarkets. Moreover, we perform painting of various staircases, corridors, garages, business premises, workrooms etc.

Especially, inside production premises, warehouses and halls, we perform cleaning of filth and dirt deposits from all distributions of ventilation, gas, and electricity and fire protection systems. We clean away dust and dirt from steel and construction structures, ceilings and walls. The washing and cleaning comprises machines (elevated or on the floor) and technological units, lighting, glass, translucent walls, airshafts and windows. We have experience with cleaning of hygiene-demanding and food processing production premises.

We also do painting and treatment of roofs, gutters, hall sheathing and of usual brick facades including window sills etc. in industrial, commercial and administrative premises.

We do not put up any scaffolding, we do not restrict production. We perform out tasks from our work platforms.

All machines, material and products near the painting are covered with a large-scale canvas. In many premises it is necessary to cover the floor as well. Cleaning follows at the end of every shift. Depending on the needs of every business premises we are flexible in terms of the time of the performance; we work during the afternoon shifts, during night shifts and weekends, but also during holidays. We carry out orders during partial or full operation.

We paint “low“ premises of administrative buildings, corridors etc. That is included in work described above but they can be performed separately as well. Painting, whitewashing, coating and cleaning outside and inside of halls and various business premises can include minor bricklayer’s repairs, various fissure sealing, repairs after leaking, window cleaning and technical installations etc.

Particularly, while painting halls and coating facades, we can mix paints according to company’s colours, as well as other customer’s needs.

All tasks are carried out according to all safety rules and regulations. Our company is insured against damage caused to second party and subjects. All employees have valid training of work safety, of work platform operation and of operation at heights.

At least one work platform remains permanently for some time in the hall during our work. It is available to you for free to carry out minor maintenance work and repairs.